The Team Behind the Taste

Born and bred in Scotland, Cushiedoos is a young business with a big mission: to bring you a superior mixer that complements your spirits and doesn’t dry your tastebuds. For our Superior Tonic we use locally sourced botanicals and soft carbonated water to create our refreshing tonic — each sip is bursting with flavour, utterly delicious and has zero bitter aftertaste. You can learn more about our tonic water naturally sourced ingredients here.

A Cushie Wee Backstory

Cushiedoos was conceived during a romantic summer weekend in the Scottish Highlands. Naturally, everything on the hotel dinner menu was Scottish. But when Andrew and his wife Gilly ordered their G&Ts, the tantalising Scottish craft gin came with a bottle of sssch-you-know-what. That was the moment of inspiration for Andrew — he knew then that Scotland deserved its own tonic, made with as many locally sourced botanical ingredients as possible.

Back home, they christened their brainchild in the garden. Lazing under an oak tree, gin and tonics in hand, Gilly and Andrew were lulled by a soft coo-coo-coo-ri-coo from the branches above. “I love that sound,” he said. “Cushiedoos” said Gilly, “Scottish wood-pigeons. They partner up for life.” “Like gin and tonic” he replied — Boom. Cushiedoos was born.

Meet the Man Behind the Vision

Entrepreneur and founder of Cushiedoos, Andrew grew up in the lush Scottish countryside, on a farm in Blair Drummond near Stirling. Despite his many travels and adventures, he always felt the familiar pull to return to his roots, and it was in Edinburgh that he met his beloved wife, Gilly.

Surrendering to their love of the outdoors, the pair settled a stone’s throw away from the majestic Pentland Hills, where they currently live with their sons, Archie and Sam and yellow lab Pip.

Believing it’s never too late to start your own business and see your vision come to life, Andrew launched Cushiedoos in 2018 at the age of 39. Despite the challenges and with far more grey in his hair now, Andrew wouldn’t change his business journey for the world. Even with all the hurdles of entrepreneurship, Andrew still finds he has more time to spend with his family and loves the opportunity to be his own boss and control the destiny of his baby Cushiedoos.

Additionally, launching his superior tasting tonic business has allowed Andrew to combine his passion for great tasting drinks with his desire to make a difference to our carbon crisis through the launch of our Buy 1, Get 2 Tree initiative. Andrew is passionate about the importance of playing our part in fighting our carbon climate crisis. No working day is too tough when your business is striving towards a greater purpose. You can read more about our Action Against Carbon initiative here.

So, What’s the Future Hold for Cushiedoos?

From perfecting our signature quinine-free tonic recipe back in 2018 to weathering the storm of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cushiedoos has never wavered from its core business purpose: to provide delicious tonic water that tastes better than the competition and use this success to deliver on a passion of mine – to plant more trees than we ever thought possible. Fighting our carbon climate crisis is a personal passion of mine. And we’ve got big plans for the future, too, this year sees us launch our new Pink Grapefruit & Rosehip Soda with even more superior tasting drinks and better sustainability initiatives on the horizon — watch this space!

Our Proud Bragging Rights