A New Year with a refreshed outlook & my thanks

Lockdown has presented us all with challenges even if you have been one of the lucky ones to have a flourishing business. It’s been tough at work and home for most but I’m pleased to see we are doing our best to move on and start to live with the virus. The hospitality industry has had a tough ride considering the data highlighting that heavy restrictions in Scotland hasn’t lowered infection rates. It’s time to open up again and let businesses bounce back and serve their customers safely.


Throughout this period most businesses have faced daily challenges during normal operations and evolve fast to mitigate Covid’s impact. We’ve certainly not been sitting still here at Cushiedoos HQ over this time. We’ve managed to launch our online tonic home delivery service including G&T deals as well as our local gin and tonic deliveries too.

Our refreshed brand look

Thank you to those who have taken the time to feedback on our new branding. It makes all the effort worthwhile. Cushiedoos has shaken off lockdowns with a suave new look.


So why did we make these changes to our look? Well, there are a few things we’ve taken a close look at and one of them has been our look and feel of our branding. Why? We’ve learnt a lot quickly since launch – we’ve chosen to provide superior ingredients in our botanical tonic water and realise it’s important to have branding to showcase our god damn gorgeous tonic water ingredients.


As part of our brand improvements our excellent creative partners recognised “Archie” (our iconic logo) could do with a makeover. He’s now proudly showcasing botanicals that have been part of our journey to become the award-winning premium tonic we started with.


So yes, Cushiedoos has a whole new outfit post lockdown so we’re better equipped to get Cushiedoos Superior Tonic in even more hands over the coming months. There’s plenty hard work to come for us at Cushiedoos HQ and it will all be worth it with more to come from loads of blood, sweat (and hopefully no tears!) on the continuation of our journey into 2022.

I also want to say a few thanks.


Thanks to our business partners from those who have helped us from the start (you know who you are) as well as some new partners who have joined us. I have loved working with everyone from our strategic and creative support partners to the nuts and bolts of our operations in material supply and our excellent bottling team – THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT.


I must not forget two other key elements to our success:

1. Our loyal and supportive trade customers. You’re absolute legends. I thank you for your support and passion to share Cushiedoos with your own customers. Without you, this is simply not possible.

2. Our thirsty drinkers. Thank you. It’s been a blast meeting so many of you since our journey started. We’ve made such amazing progress and you’ve been truly phenomenal and supportive so thank you. All of the stresses and hard work is now visible through my once dark hair which seems to turning more and more grey by the day. It does make it all feel worthwhile and when I hear your positive words, support and orders coming through it drives me onwards. Please do keep in touch. If you’d like to know more and receive our newsletters (you’ll be glad to know these will not be very frequent) please do email hello@cushiedoos.com and we’ll put you on our prized list.


Finally, I would like to save my last thanks to the most important support I have and the one person who sees and rides all the bumps on the road we travel – my wife Gilly. Gilly, thanks. Your relentless support is so very important to me, especially when you have your own business to think about and work on I really appreciate all you do to help me on this wild journey. I couldn’t do this without you xxx.


So team, we hope you like our new branding. Here’s to getting out to see and meet more of our friends & family  and continued success with our great business partners. Most importantly I hope you have a great year. You’ve got this year. Fire it up. It’s going to be a good one.




Author: Andrew