An April Fool that caught out more than we thought!

Well, it turns out there are a lot of people in support of what I posted for an April Fool this year. Yes, we cheated and sent a post a day or two before about “our launch next week” but it surprised us how many did believe it when the announcement came out officially on Monday.

So is Bioluminescence even real?

The thing is that Bioluminescence is real and exists in marine life and the story behind its natural glow in the dark abilities are true. Also Ally Farrell our creative’s son was involved in creating a bioluminescence chandelier and yes it does exist. In fact this is the similar science that can be found in fireflies and their ability to emit a glow in the dark colour to the human eye.

So why don’t we just launch a bioluminescence tonic water today?

The thing is, we don’t want to just throw in fun ingredients to our mixer drinks. We are more than just about creating fads. We want our drinks to be healthy and serve a real purpose for you. Our drinks may be great for mixing and they must be good enough to drink on their own. They also need to be all-natural and not just a fun flash in the pan idea and then we are on to the next thing.

As a brand we plan to be here to stay by producing some of the finest mixers in the world for discerning drinkers. We’re not here to fill up your shelves and fridges with lots of fun variants of Cushiedoos as quickly as possible. Yes, we will be offering other mixers in due course, just not immediately. So watch this space for what may come next. For now we are focused on sharing our great premium botanical tonic water with as many people as we can first. Our tonic water is making quite a difference to people’s drinking experience on its own and with an amazing variety of spirits as a mixer so we are working hard to get it to as many people as we can.

So we’re sorry to those who have been dying to try a bioluminescence tonic water. Yes, it sounds like a lot of fun but we are in the business of providing better tasting drinks first and foremost. It has not been our plan for Cushieblues to be a reality yet the fact it has captured so many people’s imagination and interest means we need to take another look at this again (briefly and when we have a moment) before we consign it to just a cheeky bit of April Fools Day fun. We had fun and I hope it raised a wee smile for you too, fooled or not.


Author: Andrew