Cushiedoos named as a hot trend for 2019

This year has started with a bang and January has flown by as it may have for you too.  We are late in telling you about the recognition of Cushiedoos as a Premium tonic. We are delighted to share this wee gem from The Telegraph from 29th December 2018.

Their Saturday Food & Drink section mentions Cushiedoos as “one of the trends and top products of the next 12 months.” Thanks to Rachel Walker who mentions Cushiedoos as part of a growth trend in botanical tonic waters for 2019.

After much hard work getting Cushiedoos out to more of you we need to blow our own trumpet on this occasion.  I am pleased to report Cushiedoos is in fine health and growing in presence as more and more people are choosing Cushiedoos with their G&T or V&T order.  In fact many keep telling me they are drinking Cushiedoos on their own too as a soft drink.  Thanks to all who are supporting us, it has been very encouraging.

Still, don’t take our word for it, this article tells you Cushiedoos is a must for your G&T collection so don’t be shy – ask your local for Cushiedoos or ask them to get in touch to supply Cushiedoos premium tonic. Cheers!

Author: Lidge