I’m Andrew Ligertwood, owner and founder of Drink Better Ltd. Ligertwood’s a bit of a mouthful so most of my mates call me ‘Lidge’.

I was born in Edinburgh and I live there now with my wife and Commander-In-Chief Gilly, our two sons Archie and Sam and our two dogs Jojo and Pip.

When I’m not obsessing about bubble-size and mouth-feel, I like to get out for long walks in the hills with the family – as long as they end in the pub with a large gin and tonic.

Don’t be a stranger. You can get in touch with us here:

To call us on the phone, use this cushie little number:
+44 (0)752 586 1341

Our nesting place is: Drink Better Ltd, 1 Spylaw Avenue, Edinburgh, EH13 0LW

Where can I grab some Cushiedoos?

It is early days for Cushiedoos and we’re working hard to make Cushiedoos available close to you. Cushiedoos is mainly available in the UK.

We have a number of specialist stores to pick up your Cushie wee number. If not available in your local specialist store, ask if they can stock Cushiedoos for you.

You can now order cases of Cushiedoos (24x200ml bottles) online. > Go to Royal Mile Whiskies. Postage for two cases are the same as for one so don’t be shy!

Trade customers…

We have more than 10 wholesale suppliers so please get in touch for supply.

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