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Cushie News! A world first in tonic water.

We’re genuinely thrilled to reveal our second game-changing Cushiedoos mixer variant, a naturally occurring glow-in-the-dark tonic water we’ve christened Cushieblues. Yes, you heard me right. Cushieblues will take your G&T drinking experience to a whole… read more

What no quinine?

What? No quinine?! Well polish my boots batman!” That’s right, Major. There’s no quinine in our tonic water. It dries the palate don’t you know. I often get asked “Why is there no quinine in… read more

The Gin Whore on Cushiedoos

It has been a while since writing my first blog. I‘ve been busy trying to get Cushiedoos out there to bars and specialist stores since we launched in April. And the good news is that… read more