Action Against Carbon: Tackling the climate crisis one bottle at a time

We all know how important it is to act now in the battle against climate change. So, while creating the superior, quinine-free tonic water you know and love is our bread and butter, the foundation of our business purpose is two-fold: to deliver drinks that simply taste better, while doing our utmost to take action against the climate crisis. Enter our Action Against Carbon tree planting initiative.

Launched in April 2021, Action Against Carbon aims to offset carbon emissions, enrich local communities and help turn the tide on climate change by planting essential carbon-gulping trees across the globe — with the help of you, our incredible customers.

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We Plant One Tree for Every Twelve Bottles Sold

Like many people on this planet we call home, the threat of the climate crisis weighs heavy on our hearts here at Cushiedoos. Well, we’ve never been the type of business to sit back and do nothing — cultivating a sustainable organisation has been a key element of our brand purpose since the beginning. Now, with help from our drinkers and customers, we’ve found a way that this start-up business with a passion for excellent tonic can do its bit to tackle climate change.

Through our “Buy 1, Get 2 Tree” trade initiative, we pledge to plant one tree for every twelve bottles of Cushiedoos tonic water sold. That means two trees are planted with every twenty-four bottle crate we sell to our valued trade customers via their wholesale suppliers.

For us here at Cushiedoos, Action Against Carbon tree planting initiative is more than an eco-friendly box-ticking exercise for brownie points. We want to put our money where our mouth is and take action, build a better future for our children and help take on the greatest threat humankind faces today — all while enjoying the refreshing, quinine-free taste of superior tonic water, of course.

How Does Tree Planting Help Offset Carbon Emissions?

Did you know that one mature tree can absorb as much as 48lbs of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere per year? Trees naturally consume carbon and clean the air around them, using the gas to build their roots, trunks, branches and leaves.

If we’re to combat the climate crisis, the dangerously high levels of carbon produced by our modern way of living need to be reduced fast. Trapped carbon in our Earth’s atmosphere captures the heat from the sun — warming the planet, leading to increasing temperatures, rising sea levels and more frequent, destructive natural disasters.

But don’t be felled by climate doom. Thankfully, there are a million ways you can make a difference and help tackle climate change. Taking part in our Action Against Carbon tree planting initiative is one of them (and has the added benefit of a delicious drink thrown in!)

So, Where Are the Trees Being Planted?

Our tree planting initiative currently takes place across three countries: Madagascar, Mozambique and Nicaragua. While we had initially envisaged tree planting in Bonnie Old Scotland, we quickly realised we could fund the planting of 28 more trees and support local communities with additional job opportunities by planting in these countries compared to Scotland. It’s a global problem, after all, so we just need to get planting as many trees as possible.

Madagascar, Mozambique and Nicaragua are all countries with vast areas of deforestation. Areas that, through dedication and tireless work, our partners at Eden Projects have set aside to reforest and rewild through tree planting initiatives. Better yet, a staggering 75% of trees planted by Eden Projects are guaranteed to be carbon-hoovering mangrove saplings.

Visit our online shop & help plant a tree

What’s the Deal with Mangroves, Anyway?

Mangroves are truly fantastic trees. Ten times more effective at capturing carbon from the atmosphere than your average tree, these planet-saving heroes not only take in carbon through their leaves, branches and trunks, they store it in their roots and the surrounding soil, too.

Incredibly versatile, mangroves can be planted in land and wetland areas, making them perfect for fast and effective reforestation. These legendary trees can even protect coasts from the growing threat of sea erosion. The mangroves we help plant through Action Against Carbon today will go on to seed saplings of their own, making it far more likely that trees will continue to grow long after our original saplings are planted.

Is this Ethically and Environmentally Sustainable?

Our inspirational partners at Eden Projects are Gold Standard accredited and ensure an ethical and sustainable approach to both climate and community. Their vital work supports the development and improvement of local education, job opportunities, and essential utilities like clean water. At Cushiedoos, we’re proud to play our part in supporting this amazing organisation and the great work they’re doing across the globe.

Enjoy a Tipple, While Tipping the Scales on Climate Change

Whether you’re a drinker or a trade customer, you can help us plant countless trees, offset carbon emissions and support the fantastic work of Eden Projects through our Action Against Carbon campaign. Every case of delicious Cushiedoos tonic sold through all of our channels will benefit from our “Buy 1, Get 2 Tree” initiative — meaning you can enjoy a refreshing, quinine-free G&T safe in the knowledge that carbon-cutting trees are being planted across the globe with your help.

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